Poem – The Lost Little Child

Dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 21/1/2019 A childhood that was stolen away. Raped of the very essense of dignity & joy. Embarrassed & laughed at because of the colour of their skin, Abused & tortured until there was no more pain. Crippled and desfigured by the words & the moment, Beaten and leftContinue reading “Poem – The Lost Little Child”

Reflections – The Drama of Today – Saving Lives!

More and more we find more people suffering through illness and pain, physical and psychological. No matter how hard people struggle with the drama of life some are able to rise to the challenge whilst others are lost in the darkness Searching for the rainbow and sunshine Never ending clouds of problems, of strife forContinue reading “Reflections – The Drama of Today – Saving Lives!”

Relationships – Home, Work, Family, Partners!

When do we get the chance to sit down and really think about our relationships with ourselves and with others?  We interact with people everyday and all through our lives and never question why.  Today, I would like us to think about our relationship and how we interact with others.  There are energies which weContinue reading “Relationships – Home, Work, Family, Partners!”