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As a writer we are always creating and searching for innovative ways to share our stories.  J.K. Rowling like myself, decided to publish on an exciting platform, which allows the writer to share digitally, print, distribute, set pricing, format, add subscribers, include other media options and share on social media.

Each person is unique in their approach and how they share their work, some through music, paintings, photographs, writing, videos.  I hope you make the time to write the memories you will leave behind for your family and friends.

Bring Stories to Life!

How many ways can you tell your Story?

Cnverting a traditional book into a LIVE book with videos, sound, music Click to open.

Reflection - Politcal Leaders from the Past - Words to Remember ONE STOP
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Some will pay thousands to write their story, some will take their memories with them, others will write but never find a way of actually getting it to print, let alone an online digital version which can be printed, distributed and shared.

I had many hours of fun creating, reinventing and supporting friends with their books and ideas.


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