Find your Purpose?

There is always a reason and purpose of why we do the things we do.

I started writing after I witnessed how many of my dear friends had suffered from abuse and violence as children.

Some physically as they received the bloody blows, others emotionally, and some mentally.

Take a look at the 16 Global Goals and hopefully, this will help find clarity and purpose.

Another way is to take a test created by Roger Hamilton and Team which will help decide and give Clarity and purpose to a pathway of Success.

Purpose Test 🔗

I never realised that my purpose was for peace and it all started with one book which I wrote after my friends sat around the table and the session began.

The tears rolled down their faces as each one, one by one looking for answers behind the pain.

I wasn’t prepared to just sit and wait for more violence and abuse to happen.

I started the painstaking journey of writing a book which would help to bring peace to them and who once were children.

I questioned why anymore children should suffer, when I have three and they are the greatest gift I have been given as a mother.

Give children the Leadership Learning Skills to help them to make better choices.

Leadership UNIQUE Test 🔗

What else can We accomplish with the right tools and skills?

Never give up on Our dreams.

There’s a Dynamic System to help a step by step, so we never have to fall again from the weight of worries, anxiety, depression, fear, poverty, hunger, so we can shine a light and make your dreams come true.

Dynamic Systems and Networks to Build Solid Foundations

With the right team, skills, knowledge everything is possible.

Know the value you bring to any business?

Unique Talents link 🔗

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