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The Power of Words – Day 14 Gift

The Week Started with the Word Love and Finished with the Word Gift 💝 🎁 Today at 3PM Day of Full #Moon in Gemini each one of us can give a Gift for Earth #Environmental Day, our Families by pressing Play. A #United Gift of #Peaceful Meditation Action Moments. Link to Gift Available toContinue reading “The Power of Words – Day 14 Gift”


The Power of Words – Love Day 7

The Power of Words At a time when self-isolatingSocial DistancingStay Home Save Livesis the New RealityVirtual RealitySocial Reality Self-Care and Healing The challenge is to share words on a daily basis which can change how we feel, think and act.  “Relationships can light our lives or be a dark cloud that destroys our peace, loveContinue reading “The Power of Words – Love Day 7”