Sparkle – Chapter Three Regain, recover and recharge your life, connection, and communication with everyone you meet with Sparkle. Remembering the stars that light the skies at night, Remembering our own stars that brought light to our lives, Remembering the light, Remembering to sparkle from inside out. Make a moment of Spiritful Intelligence to be the inspiration inContinue reading “Sparkle – Chapter Three”

The Power of Words – Dedication Day 6

The Power of Words At a time when self-isolatingSocial DistancingStay Home Save Livesis the New RealityVirtual RealitySocial Reality Self-Care and Healing The challenge is to share words on a daily basis which can change how we feel, think and act.  “Relationships can light our lives or be a dark cloud that destroys our peace, loveContinue reading “The Power of Words – Dedication Day 6”