Parker The Poet in Kent – The Lost Child Hello & Welcome to The PP Podcast Parker The Poet in Kent. 5 Minutes of Inspiration, Motivation and Empowerment. We can look to the past or we can Rise to the Challenge of every day and make people smile with a word of encouragement, inspiration or keep our emotions locked in a closet inContinue reading “Parker The Poet in Kent – The Lost Child”

Chapter Thirteen – Care – The Power of Words AudioBook This month in the USA they remember Anti-bullying Month and World Anti-Bullying starts in November. We have World Mental Health Day on the 10th October. Today is a great day to escape from the noise an enjoy a moment of empowerment to rise above the dirt. Buy the Printed on Amazon Smile soon toContinue reading “Chapter Thirteen – Care – The Power of Words AudioBook”

The Power of Words – Day 14 Gift

The Week Started with the Word Love and Finished with the Word Gift 💝 🎁 Today at 3PM Day of Full #Moon in Gemini each one of us can give a Gift for Earth #Environmental Day, our Families by pressing Play. A #United Gift of #Peaceful Meditation Action Moments. Link to Gift Available toContinue reading “The Power of Words – Day 14 Gift”