Chapter Thirteen – Care – The Power of Words AudioBook This month in the USA they remember Anti-bullying Month and World Anti-Bullying starts in November. We have World Mental Health Day on the 10th October. Today is a great day to escape from the noise an enjoy a moment of empowerment to rise above the dirt. Buy the Printed on Amazon Smile soon toContinue reading “Chapter Thirteen – Care – The Power of Words AudioBook”

Education Broken Child

When a #child does not believe in their own greatness and the value they bring into the World. An important step in #Education will be to rebuild their #confidence and #self-esteem through a special #Empowerment Series.

The Power of Words – Day 18 Dance Available to listen on Podbean and SoundCloud Keep up to date on Exclusive For a Limited Time Only – 5 of 4 Part Series All Copyright Laws Apply

The Power of Words – Day 14 Gift

The Week Started with the Word Love and Finished with the Word Gift 💝 🎁 Today at 3PM Day of Full #Moon in Gemini each one of us can give a Gift for Earth #Environmental Day, our Families by pressing Play. A #United Gift of #Peaceful Meditation Action Moments. Link to Gift Available toContinue reading “The Power of Words – Day 14 Gift”

Friday Special Surprise Event 5TH JUNE, 2020 3PM A moment to join our hands together! Friday 5th June, 2020 at 15.00hrs Organise your Friday Special Moment with Friends and Family! Special Thank You to Marilag Mendoza and Daniel Urban Parker for the music! Open link