Building Blocks of Love – HYNO-R What to expect from HYNO-R  – Relationships Building blocks of Love Celebrating the birth of Every Child and helping with the difficulties associated with Relationships with HYPNO-R “Relationships can light our lives or be a dark cloud that destroys our peace, love and happiness.” – Natasha “Speech has allowed the communication of ideas, enablingContinue reading “Building Blocks of Love – HYNO-R”

Together – Shanti

As the footballers raised their fists, To support #BLM this week, As many remember the bullying, The words that hurt their Souls, That crushed many a child in their belief, The colour of their skin, Their culture and traditions, Their uniqueness in a World troubled by divisions and divide. A reflection about children, BLM, TogethernessContinue reading “Together – Shanti”

Final Chapter – The Power of Words Day 20 Embrace

Thank You to Each and Everyone Who Joined me each day to listen, share and comment. Thank You. Final Chapter Available to listen on Podbean and SoundCloud Keep up to date on Exclusive For a Limited Time Only – 5 of 4 Part Series All Copyright Laws Apply

The Power of Words – Love Day 7

The Power of Words At a time when self-isolatingSocial DistancingStay Home Save Livesis the New RealityVirtual RealitySocial Reality Self-Care and Healing The challenge is to share words on a daily basis which can change how we feel, think and act.  “Relationships can light our lives or be a dark cloud that destroys our peace, loveContinue reading “The Power of Words – Love Day 7”