Sparkle – Chapter Two Regain, recover and recharge your life, connection, and communication with everyone you meet with Sparkle. Remembering the stars that light the skies at night, Remembering our own stars that brought light to our lives, Remembering the light, Remembering to sparkle from inside out. Make a moment of Spiritful Intelligence to be the inspiration inContinue reading “Sparkle – Chapter Two”

Wishing YOU – Happiness

Wishing YOU – Happiness always – Today is the day of Innocence 28th December – for many a moment of laughter and jokes, for others a reminder of the innocence of a child as they play and enjoy the smiles and memories. A Moment of memories to cherish for a lifetime in the hope thatContinue reading “Wishing YOU – Happiness”

The Power of Words – Day 19 Dream Available to listen on #Podbean and #SoundCloud Keep up to date on Exclusive For a Limited Time Only – 5 of 4 Part Series All Copyright Laws Apply