The Oceans Pearls – World Ocean Day

Poem The Oceans Pearls by Luisa Natasha Parker It’s the small gestures, words, thoughts and unconditional actions that sow the seeds, as we lift them up when they are down, understand their pain when no one is listening, hold their hand when they feel lost and give their life meaning when they are heart brokenContinue reading “The Oceans Pearls – World Ocean Day”

Love You to the Ocean & Back – World Ocean Day

Poem – Love you to the ocean and back! Luisa Natasha Parker Throw me a bubble of ocean love, let the sunshine reveal our deepest love, as we walk the waves together, shining above the depths of emotional turmoils. We are only one drop but together we create, a beautiful ocean of, opportunities and adventures,Continue reading “Love You to the Ocean & Back – World Ocean Day”