These different collections have been created to support people and children.

As I listened to the bloody blows the little girl received, the words of rejection and words of abandonment, depreciation, bullying, lack of self-esteem, confidence, courage, strength, patience, determination, perseverance, beauty, inner peace and love.

The choice I made was to create something to help people and be of service by adding value and to bring back that smile.

If you know of someone who is suffering and needs that extra loving helping hand through reading, writing and drawing or a moment of reflection to share or gift them a copy of my book, workbook, audiobook or playbook.

Available on Amazon & soon on Audible who deliver everywhere in the World at affordable prices.

Soon to be released is a special series for children who have had a hard time during lock-down and continue to suffer from emotional pain.

Keep up-to-date when I shall be doing pre-launch. As the special artist, teacher, works busily behind the scenes for them to enjoy the words, pictures to bring back their radiant smile and other additions to my collections.

Mientras escuchaba los golpes de sangre que recibió la pequeña, las palabras de rechazo y las palabras de abandono, desprecio, acoso, falta de autoestima, confianza, coraje, fuerza, paciencia, determinación, perseverancia, belleza, paz interior y amor.

La decisión que tomé fue crear algo para ayudar a la gente y ser útil agregando valor y devolviéndole esa sonrisa.

“The Society of Ordinary Prophets and Poets is a skillfully constructed journey of reflection. The author has layered emotional responses to cleverly crafted stimulus. Your own attachment to the words is deeply personal.

The opportunity to respond to your feelings within the book allows you to quickly re-count and re-visit the path you take through the book.

I would highly recommend this book to support self-reflection. Our lives are often complex and at times confusing, this compilation facilitates the finding of clarity.

Thank you Natasha, this is a gift that we will all cherish.

Matt Tompkins – Principal & CEO –

GEMS FirstPoint School