The beautiful diversity in our very own gardens, the melody and artists that bring harmony ... La hermosa diversidad en nuestros jardines, la melodía y los artistas que traen armonía ...Natasha Song Humanity https://music.apple.com/gb/album/humanity/61737965?i= "Somos mucho más poderosos cuando nos volvemos unos a otros y no unos a otros, cuando celebramos nuestra diversidad ... y [...]


Mothers Day 5th and 10th May

Ella caminó y caminó y caminó ... Ella no estaba asustada del trabajo duro, Cuántas horas, cuántos trabajos, Ella podría lograr en un día, Horas llenas de dedicación, Mientras los bebés dormian en la cama, No hubo descanso, Ella tenia en una misión, Ella no se rendiría, Hasta que ella podria ver sus hijas, Nietos [...]

Emotional Gunfire and Punches

Nothing can ever be accomplished with violence. As a mother listened to the story... Photo credit to repeatcrafterme The young girl danced around in glee, Believing her wicked blows were a prize, A right of power or reward to lead, Oh, Oh, Oh, What has happened to the girls? Now she found herself hiding from [...]

Why Books

As a child we weren't able to buy books and going to the library was an adventure in itself and a day out. So from a young age I would make up stories to tell my younger sisters and cousins. Normally, something, we take for granted for those who can read, or speak different languages [...]


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, The soft petals, colour, Radiance and joy as it shines a light, That fills our heart and home, Delicate and fragile, Standing straight and tall in it's glass vase, Not drooping or dying, Not twisted or turning for sunlight, Not bending or bowing, To the winds of [...]

Lack of Love El Desamor

As we close the cycle of a Loving Heart "A symbol of Love, the delicate petals reaching for sunlight and warmth, waiting for the nourishing water words of Love to brighten, the golden centre, the home and centre of every flower" Natasha I found this beautiful flower in an abandoned flower garden in the city. [...]