Reflections – The Drama of Today – Saving Lives!

  • More and more we find more people suffering through illness and pain, physical and psychological.
  • No matter how hard people struggle with the drama of life some are able to rise to the challenge whilst others are lost in the darkness
  • Searching for the rainbow and sunshine
  • Never ending clouds of problems, of strife for their struggle for survival, to be happier, healthier and living in harmony in their lives
  • Trying to make a difference, finding doors closed, dreams shattered, and hope lost.
  • Trapped in the world of drama, a world full of stories and colour. Of experiences to share, of limiting beliefs just lost in a moment.
  • A world of drama where the demons and devils of our minds create an illusion.
  • Pushing and pulling, fighting to control our lives in this present moment.
  • Some lost in the deepest caves of loneliness and sadness.
  • Some drowning in their own sorrow of misery of guilt and blame.
  • Some broken that the drama and pain never leave.
  • Some swimming against the current and being crashed by the rocks.
  • Some left with no hope to continue to the rainbow and sunshine
  • Some trampled on to never shine
  • Some left to starve in the hunger for life
  • Gone are the dreams for a better tomorrow
  • Gone are the hopes for a better today
  • In our forever world of changes and turns
  • To the story of dramas and gifts yet to be told.

Of our people, our world and the truth of today

Sharing the dreams and solutions to the dramas of today!

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