Live Love Lie or Die in the Process


Mastering ALL ASPECTS OF Communication will help Master the 7 Basic Relationship Skills proposed by Anthony Robbins & his Team at Strategic Intervention.  The idea put forward of Heartfelt understanding in my view is greatly misunderstood and incomplete.

When a relationship breakdown especially with regards to communication of desires, passions, wants, dislikes and lack of respect towards the other person.

These have serious consequences for generations to come.  Broken homes, anger and hate between family members which escalate to greater social, political, and environmental problems.

Once these are broken it is difficult to repair centuries of damage to people and cultures and break cycles of limitating beliefs imposed and passed on.

Educating people in healthier ways of all aspects of communication is of the utmost importance.  Depending on other factors and skills which can be learnt do we really have any hope of real change.  Making better choices, understanding and developing other qualities to prevail in difficult times without succumbing to increasing mental health, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Understanding cultural differences and promoting deeper understanding to the positive and negative traits can we achieve a more harmonious integration of different cultures, customs and people, trying as always to balance the ever growing problems of rascism be it gender, religion, culture, country, etc.

Implanting and installing within education around the World much needed skills for our children to be able to meet the constant challenges they will face.

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