Let’s Play Cat & Mouse

It was a beautiful day as he walked the streets,

filled with flowers of summer and the green of the trees.

The sun just rising, the freshness in the air.

In the distance, something rolled across the road,

pushed and played with by a fluffy, tiger like cat.

It rolled, and was poked and pushed to the edge …


Stop that, Stop that, Stop that now …

it’s tiny little legs on the floor as it stretched as tall as it could,

arms in front, as it looked up at fluffy …

No, No, No

You can’t catch me …

Shocked and amazed was fluffy …

As his morning breakfast, scurried and hurried along the side of the road …

Goodbye, Good Day, have a wonderful Day …

As they continued their day …

No more time for Let’s play cat and mouse.

by Natasha Parker









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