TS Elliot

When When When?

A a person actively,

Dishonourable, fervently,

Believes they are above the Universal Laws.

Conspires to breakdown, destroy, betray the foundations of life built on


There’s Something Wrong

Deafened, blinded, senseless,

To the roars of injustice,

On their deceptive journey of

Greed, fame and power.

There’s Something Wrong

As they fill their coffers to the brim,

Collect sparkling Jewels,

Overfill their soul-less bellies,

Preach and hide behind a mask of evil.

There’s Something Wrong

The tears of the children,

The screams of the children,

The nightmares of the children,

The sadness of the children.

There’s Something Wrong

When When When is this ever right?

There’s Something Wrong

By Natasha Parker

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