Things change… Light a Candle

Things change…

The mouse chased the cat,

The lioness raged and roared at the lion,

What we once believed no longer had it’s place.

As emotions rise and fall like the oceans,

As the litter strangles the life above and below,

How the dignity of the people is broken as they kneel and ask for mercy.

As they try to bailout of their duties and responsibilities,

As they dig for copper and gold as it disappears,

As the fortunes of mother nature are treasures lost in corruption,

As they are beaten with sugar beets,

As the corn is infested with plague,

As the livestock is fat-injected with water,

As the rivers are poisoned with the rancid smell of flesh and bodies,

As each wants a sip, a desire of weakness.

As the lights are switched off and they remain in darkness,

As they fumble for a candle through the navy rooms, chambers and dungeons.

Times are changing….

It’s time to light the candles …

By Natasha

Dedicated to those still fighting different Human Rights and the Global Goals

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