What happens when we loose faith in an institution and rules are broken?

The very foundations start to crumble and the cracks begin to show, the plaster flakes away to show the bare walls, grey, porous and allows the dampness, mould and germs to enter our lives.

Like a cell that contaminates and grows with the tune, changing colours until eventually only blackness remains.

It’s difficult to fight the cancers in life, that take away the very breath of life.

The ones that slowly creep below the skin surface, to reveal a black spot.

The tightness and cramped pains underlying a greater deceit.

The ever-changing colours of faces, until there is only greyness and lifelessness left.

We can blind ourselves to believing the manipulators and power playing seekers of a World stage audience.

We can hear the music and follow the melody or make our own.

We can touch the lives of people with our hearts of arts and Bellas Artes.

We can see the pictures and paint all the colours of the rainbow.

We can smell the same old stories of tales not forgotten.

We can taste the flavours of the seasons and select a better way.

A choice .,.

By Natasha


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