The Sands of Time

We watch over our children as they play in the Sands of Time.

Building, digging until they find water.

Make canals and join them together to meet the ocean of life.

Allow them to lie and cover them in sand to feel the sensations of the earth around their soft skins.

As they relax, enjoy being touch and covered with joy.

Let them run barefoot and see the footprints as they run along the shoreline,

Splashing and jumping, collecting the fruits of the sea,

The seaweed, shells and see how the bubbles of love caress their ankles and toes,

Watch how the footprints fade away and the memories are carried to the depths of the oceans,

Lovingly help them build their castles, fortresses so they can stand the Sands of Time.

Surround them with a moat to protect them from the winds and rough seas.

Give them a hand to know we are with them every sand step of the way.

A hat to shield them from the sun,

Some goggles to protect their eyes and,

A foundation built on oceans of love, winds of peace and sand mountains of joy for them to remember the Sands of Time.

By Natasha

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