Nature & Human Nature

Below the fluffy like cotton,

Lies a heart and flower shape of love,

Connect with the beauty of life,

Natures way of helping us find the simple,

Yet perfect colours and essence,

To brighten our homes and lives.

Nature and human nature can unite,

Or destroy and cause destruction,

A darker side of human nature…

The long slithery venomous snake,

Slithered into the garage to wait for it’s prey,

The red, black, yellow ones,

Lay sleeping at the bottom of the swimming pool,

Ready to take a slippery bite,

The scorpions, walked proudly,

As they strutted, waving their claws,

The bats swooped in and out,

waiting to make a fang attack,

The birds kept smashing at the windows,

It was time to leave,

The cats came prowling and licking their whiskers,

The black wasps made nests,

To sting the innocent,

The buried bird with no eyes,

A warning sent by nature and human nature …

It takes a loving heart, powerful will,

And intelligent mind to overpower,

The evil of human nature and unite,

With nature.

By Natasha

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