The Poet

A musician of rythmic words,

On stage,



hidden behind a mask.

Off to Venice,

London Globe,

Around the World,

As each one,

Captured the music to paper,

Hidden below the heart,

Melodies and vibrations,

Tickling and tingling,

As each one plays the keys.

Waving the pencil baton,

Conducting the orchestra,

Softly, softly,

Louder and louder,

Bang a surprise.

A tear of sadness,

A gasp of horror,

An eye full of thought,

A tragedy,

A romantic waltz.

As the baton meets the music sheet,

Catching the feelings,

As they move in harmony,

Faster, faster, faster.

Shout the audience,

A fox trot,

A cha cha cha,

A rumba or zumba,

A belly dance,

A rock and roll,

Up and down,

A thrill of excitement,

A twist and a jive,

The charleston or a

Seductive tango.

A ballroom filled with music,

The poets of today,

Yesterdays music and,

Tomorrow’s symphonies,

Enjoy the music and dance.

The Poet.

By Natasha



Published by Luisa Natasha Parker

"Our story does not define us but our actions will.” When faced with difficult choices in Life, some of our beliefs, self-sabotaging ideas we have about ourselves and others in our relationships will challenge us to take charge. Some will rise and take charge, whilst others will need a helping hand with The Power of Words Collection in english and spanish. Women in Poetry celebrates the voice of women, in recognition of their tremendous influence and impact in poetry, and showcases their inspirational words, stories and poems for the world to read. - 14th December 2018. Join the Conversation Every Friday on the 5 Minute Podcast - Parker The Poet in Kent Other links

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