Courage George

Poem – Courage George by Natasha

Sometimes we need that little reminder …

Courage to face the demon,

That shouts, screams and gets angry,

The one that points the finger like a sharp blade,

Cutting away at our own self-esteem,

As the anger consumes their life,

Slowly eating away the cells,

Crippling pains,

The cracks are there.

Courage to speak face to face,

Understand their torment,

Comfort their wounds,

With a balm of sweet palm roses,

Recuperate the broken hearted,

Embrace their fragile minds,

Touch their soul inside out,

So they can rejoice at the miracle of being,

Alive, awake and present,

Today’s courage can shape the future,

But tomorrow is still undecided,

Find courage and show them we care …

A frightened child needs the hand of their network foundation built on unconditional Love;

mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, Aunty, uncle, grandparents, friend, teacher and guide, Master to face the challenge of today …

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