A Pathway of Peace

Poem – A Pathway of Peace by Natasha

How many times are we grateful for the miracle of Life …

The challenging signs along the way …

A right hand burnt 3 degree as they conspired,

A right thumb cut with a blade of a knife a reminder of who,

A knock on the door, you must leave,

A bird buried under ground with no eyes,

A snake ready to kill with it’s poisonous venom,

A spider so big and hairy, as it wanted to take control,

A scorpion black as soot as it waited to sting,

A web of protection as she opened the book,

As the bats, black wasps circled to find entry,

As the birds kept knocking at the windows with their beaks,

time to leave,

The black cat as it circled the swimming pool,

thirsty as it watched and staired,

How long would it take …

To end the jungle nightmare,

Three days.

The doors were opened,

A flight of no return,

Home, home, home,

To a loving family connection,

Of Peace, of Love, of Hope …

As the white bird flew from the pine trees at 12 midnight,

May each one find the miracle of Life,

A pathway of Peace against the challenge of evil,

A Pathway of signs each and every day …

Published by Luisa Natasha Parker

“People Matters, Lives Matter and You Matter Our story does not define us but our actions will” Bilingual, creative, problem-solving experience within Education, Hospitality, Banking, Media and Publishing. Consistently delivering first-rate exceptional customer satisfaction and service, strengthening business relationships at all levels. Remunerated for my hard work, dedication, and self-motivation, adaptable to work in a team or alone. Achieving booking sales of 180K in six months with one-week training on systems, No.1 in Sales Team of 60. Reduce outstanding debt by 50% in a 3 month period. Thrive on challenges, detail orientated and sometimes a perfectionist. Resourceful excelling at designing efficient quality control procedures and maintaining sound internal controls. Author and Poet in my spare time receiving recognition for my passion to inspire others and supporting my 3 Children in their Journey & Passions.

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