Poem – Windows by Natasha

We can bring sunshine to peoples lives and make them smile,

no matter how stained the glass window is.

We can clean 100 + windows in a moment to let the sunshine in.

Practice the Power of Energy which allows us to remove

the smudges,


finger marks,

the web connections.

The Rays of Sunshine,

that surrounded our Soul,

As he sat in the garden,

As he listened to a father of 3 …

He was 21,

There was a hidden story,

what he thought had caused his pain,


inflamed filled with anger,

at himself,

the break of a loving relationship,

the many years of deceit,

hidden for him to remember the pain,

every day from his actions.

As sat and listened in the garden …

There was a hidden story,

How he had a dream at 21,

How his dream had come true,

with a loving hand,

with a loving heart,


supporting his dream,

He now has to clean his own windows,

to his Soul.

He will have to learn,

cleaning the dust from the fountains,

passage ways,

once filled with laughter.

The choir of little angels,

Only the echo of the memories remain,

on a bookshelf,

the photographs.

A flower fountain in the centre of a home,

Once overflowing with joy,

The sunshine sparkles that filled the entrance,

The door closed as the tiny pitter patter footsteps,

Found that sunshine always shines through the windows

when there is love …

Windows …

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