The overnight Apple Success Story

Galas & Pink Ladies are my favourite!

It would be foolish to think,

The latest overnight Apple success story

Without effort,



And action.

How long does it take to build a dream home,

How long does it take to have a dream,


Some like Jack took 54 years.

Constant effort in building a family,

Harmonising relationships,

Letting go of what doesn’t give meaning,

What doesn’t bring a smile to our face,

What doesn’t help in a vision of united effort.

What mismatches with our virtues and values.

As they lined the streets,

Swammed like ants to a honey pot,

A jar left open,

So everyone could enjoy the pleasures,

Some music,

Some books,

Some toys,

Some clothes,

Some shoes,

So they could walk again,

Warm, safe from the stone pathways,

Singing, dancing, enjoying the music,

The books filled with photographs and words,

To brighten the smile on any child’s face,

Yet the greatest gift of success was the flight of freedom,

To enjoy the English gardens,

The family connections,

Orchards filled with apples,

Cider for the celebration,

Crisp, light, refreshing,

The rotten apples left behind,

As the success of living,




Deeply rooted in the gardens of Kent.

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