NO Man’s Land

This week was International Peace Day
A reflection about War

No Man’s Land – by Luisa Natasha Parker

What is no man’s land?

A land barren where nothing grows

Where the air is filled with death

Destruction and bodies fill the trenches

Where buildings have been bombed

Turned to dust and rubble.

Poisoned with the chemicals of war.

The very tears of the


children and

able bodied to flee and

escape to safety.

From the no man’s land

A castle, a palace,

a home is not a home

When there are no walls,

No foundations left.

Only time ticks by and each day longer,

Will leave Mother Nature,

With tears and pools of grief and sadness.

The rivers of blood run through,

the land,

the streets,

All the way to the oceans,

The depths of our souls.

Do we have to wait until

the water has run dry,

there no life left,

Only black oil and gas to drink and bathe?

Where the people struggle to survive

As the dormant volcano in his silence

Allowed the earth to quake,

Tremble and shiver.

Opening the cracks of corruption

Deceitfulness and lies

that had erupted

from the depths of his soul

To create a land


deathly poisons gases

that choke

the very essence of life.

We cannot trust a man

Who leaves his people

in a state of despair

depression and


We cannot believe a man,

Who destroys the very foundations of life

We cannot communicate with a man

Whose soul is in turmoil from the wars of the past

We cannot understand a man

Who destroys

the family,



We cannot negotiate with a man,

Who hides in a dungeon,

To escape his shame of evil.

We cannot open the door to a man,

Who manipulates his true intentions

We cannot entrust a man,

To be called worthy of Leader,

As he searches to point a gun,

At any man who stands against,

His crumbling beliefs, values

and the destructions of war,

No man’s land

Published by Luisa Natasha Parker

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